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Two Families. Two Worlds.

The partnership

In the autumn of 1997, a truly prestigious pair – the late Dr Anton Rupert of South Africa and the late Baron Edmond de Rothschild of France – came together to establish Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons, and in so doing, fulfilled a shared vision. A dream to create iconic South African wines of exceptional quality, sealed with a promise to uphold an unwavering dedication to precision, and perfection. Today, the next generation of the Rupert and Rothschild families stand as the gatekeepers to their fathers’ legacy.

Picture of Dr. Anton Rupert
The Rupert Family

Dr Anton


An internationally respected industrialist and founder of a global business empire, Dr Anton Rupert was also held in high regard as a committed conservationist. Together with his wife, Huberte, he played a significant role in the preservation of art and the cultivation of world-class Franschhoek wines.

R&R Baron Edmond Capsule
Baron Edmond
The Rothschild Family


de Rothschild

More than a century after his great-grandfather purchased a now-acclaimed Bordeaux estate, Baron Edmond de Rothschild followed in his footsteps and embraced the world of wine. Driven by a desire to craft rare, special vintages that set their own standards, he added to the family’s wine property portfolio over many years, acquiring vineyards on outstanding terroir in France, Argentina, New Zealand, Spain and South Africa.

Our Winemakers

Rupert & Rothschild black berries

André Roux

The arts, and nature: two passions that Somerset West-born André Roux holds close to his heart. Interests that lend themselves perfectly to a career in winemaking. It is no great wonder then that he chose to complete a degree in Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University, and then slowly make his way – through several positions that granted him experience in both vines and wines – to Rupert & Rothschild, to begin a new chapter with us in the spring of 2013.

Today, he views his role as something of a guide – challenged with gently steering the wonders of nature in the right direction, shaping the grapes to express their full potential. It is a process that requires intense focus, patience and precision.

For André, winemaking is a labour of love. A profession born from passion – motivated by the joy of knowing that the final product brings happiness to people near and far.

"I make wine because it is what I enjoy doing. If I didn’t have to work, I would still make wine."

— André Roux

Kayla Oertle-Morse

Wine has always been a fundamental facet of Kayla Oertle-Morse’s life. It is, for her, synonymous with joyful celebrations, family dinners and precious memories. So her move into this world was a natural progression, her decision to study Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University, an obvious choice.

Since joining the Rupert & Rothschild family in 2017, she has devoted her time, attention and energy to crafting excellence in the cellar. An art, she says, that relies on meticulous attention to detail through every step – an approach that yields consistent quality.

Ultimately, her passion for winemaking centres on the element of constant evolution – on the vine, in the barrel, in the bottle. She appreciates the delicate balance between nature and chemistry that goes into the creation journey. And treasures the way her craft continues to live on in experiences.

"I love that our wine can be enjoyed for years to come across various occasions – often forming the cornerstone of memories and moments that bring people together."

— Kayla Oertle-Morse